"Bandab Consulting Engineers" is a private and independent company founded in Tehran in 1981 with the aim of providing engineering services in the general field of Civil Engineering and Specialty of Water Works and from the Plan and Budget Organization for consulting services in the fields of:

• Damage
• Water and sewage facilities
• Irrigation and Drainage Networks
• River conservation and engineering
• Structures
Based on a qualification. The steady and integrated management of Bandab consultant engineers, along with the honest efforts of its experts over three decades of continuous activity and the completion of more than 100 research, developmental and research projects, has led the consulting engineers to be regarded as credible references. Broad capabilities are available among employers, technical, vocational, and educational communities in the country.
Nowadays, based on the experience and technical and managerial capabilities of the hundreds of experts and experts who make up their expert body and are based in the central office in Tehran and six provincial offices, the company has the ability to provide the engineering services required by various employers. They have



n 1360, the Plan and Budget Organization decided to dissolve the engineering consulting companies that had been under government since 1977. The goal was to reduce the scope of the government's activities by managing the study plans to the experts who needed the engineering services themselves. At that time, most of the founders of Band Ab, with continuous backgrounds of research and teaching at reputable international and foreign universities, as well as consultancy engineer services, worked in one of the consulting firms mentioned as experts, and they were pursuing their professional activities in the form of A new legal person who is in charge of its management, which led to the establishment of consulting engineers in Bandab in 1360. The work first started in an apartment with two rooms and a hall and the projects of imported storage tanks in Bandar Abbas and the repair works of the Sarcheshme copper deposit, and today, after three decades, it can be said that, although difficult, this complex has been able to , By adhering to the principles of professional ethics, will experience continuous growth.


Bandab Consulting Engineers have systematically looked at the management of the organization and in promoting the work activities and accessing the global markets towards the implementation of the quality management system in accordance with ISO9001-2008.
As shown in the organization diagram of Bandab Consulting Engineers, Bandwidth activities are formed in a matrix framework. The experience of this company has shown that in this framework achievement of quality objectives is facilitated more easily. In this structure, project managers who are in direct contact with the employers are responsible for achieving the goals of the projects and obtaining the satisfaction of the employers within the framework of the values ​​of the organization. In order to ensure that such a process is carried out in one of the projects, a great deal of leadership is expected in this structure.
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Summary of experiences and experiences

The main areas of the activities of Band Ab can be classified as follows:
Dam construction and hydroelectric power plants
- Agricultural development, irrigation and drainage
- River engineering
- Providing, transporting and distributing urban water and collecting networks and sewage pipelines
- Marine structures and special structures
These activities include all or some of the steps required to finalize a plan including the initial formation of the project information, preparatory and detailed design, procurement of documents and conducting tenders, monitoring of the work, project management, delivery and assistance in operation. .


For many years, the experience of these consulting engineers in designing and implementing projects of the water industry has led the country to become members of many technical and scientific communities. These include the following:
• National Committee of Iran's Great Dams (IRCOLD)
• Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
• The Industrial Development Organization of the United Nations (UNIDO)
• Society of Iranian Consulting Engineers (ISCE)
• National Irrigation and Drainage Committee (ICID)
• American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


Bandab Consulting Engineers are proud to admit that in the course of three decades, self-employed as a legal personality has been recognized by many employers who are well deservedly encouraged and appreciated, as well as by providing a scientific, technical and dynamic environment for the prosperity of the talents and capabilities of the experts. It has come to our attention that the specialists of this company have been attracted by many employers and scientific colleagues.