Founded in 1981 (1360 A.P.), "Band-Ab Consulting Engineers" is a private and an independent company based in Tehran with the aim of providing engineering solutions generally in the field of Civil Engineering and particularly in Water Works. Band-Ab is qualified by Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization as ‘Grade A’ for consulting in following fields:


• Dam Construction

• Water and Sewage Facilities

• Irrigation and Drainage Networks

• River Conservation and Engineering

• Structures

The firm and integrated management of Band-Ab Consulting Engineers, along with the honest endeavors of its experts over the past three decades of continuous activity have concluded more than 100 projects in different stages (study, research and execution) and have led the company to be recognized as a credible reference with a broad range of capabilities in the related communities consisting of employers, technical, vocational, and educational communities in the country.

Today, with the support of both experiences and technical and administrative capabilities of the hundreds of its experts located in Tehran and seven other provincial offices forming the main body of the company, Band-Ab is capable of providing several engineering services required by the employers.


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In 1981 (1360 A.P.), Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization decided to dissolve the engineering consulting companies which were active under the management of public sector since 1977. The goal was to shrink the scope of government's activities by delegating the administration of studies to the same experts who were the source of required engineering services. Back then, most of the founders of Band-Ab, with a proven track record of research and teaching at reputable universities, both foreign and domestic, who were active in one of those public consulting companies as experts, resolved to pursue their career in the form of a new self-administrative judiciary person, which led to the establishment of Band-Ab consulting engineers in 1981 (1360 A.P.); And now, after three decades, a company which started in an apartment with two rooms and a hall working on the storage tanks of imported vegetable oil in Bandar Abbas and refurbishment of the sedimentation dam of Sarcheshmeh copper complex, though experienced hardship and bound to professional ethics, has experienced an honorable continuous growth.




Band-Ab Consulting Engineers follows a systematic approach to organization management. Therefore the company has introduced the Integrated Management System (IMS in accordance with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 & OHSAS18001:2007) in order to both promote its fields of activity and access to global markets.

As presented in the organizational chart of the company, Band-Ab activities are organized into a matrix framework. The experience of this company has indicated that qualitative objectives are achieved more easily in this framework. In this structure, project managers who are in direct contact with clients, are responsible for meeting project objectives and satisfaction of the employers within the frame of organizational values. To ensure every single project walks through this procedure, a superior leadership has been placed in this structure.

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Summary of experiences and experiences

The main areas of activities of Band-Ab are classified as below:

  • Dam Construction and Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Agricultural Development, Irrigation and Drainage
  • River Engineering
  • Supply, Transport and Distribution Urban water
  • Sewage Collecting networks and Pipelines
  • Marine and Special Structures

These activities include the all or a few of the required steps to conclude a project including the primary data acquisition, basic and detailed design, preparation of tender documents and conducting them, supervision, commissioning and assistance in operation.


Years of experience in consulting business in designing and implementation of projects in Iran’s water sector, has led the company to become members of many technical and scientific communities of which a few are listed below:

  • Iranian National Committee of Large Dams (IRCOLD)
  • Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization  (UNIDO)
  • Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers (ISCE)
  • Iranian Committee of Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Bandab Consulting Engineers is proud not only for being praised, appreciated and recognized by several clients throughout its three-decade span of activity as a juridical person but also for providing a scientific, technical and dynamic environment to facilitate the prosperity of the talents and capabilities of its experts confirmed by received acknowledgments from various world-class employers and academic institutions.